Top Bingo Rooms to Join Online

Top Bingo Rooms to Join Online 

According to statistics, online gambling in the UK has been more popular in the year of 2020 than in any other year on record. 

This statistic is based on the amount of Google searches that have been made for a bunch of different online casino games, and while slots remain supreme in terms of popularity as it always does, bingo seems to be making its way back into popularity after a bit of time slightly off the radar – play bingo games today.

Because of this recent rise in popularity for bingo, we are seeing more and more bingo rooms opening up all over the internet. This is good news for us players for a couple of different reasons. 

Firstly, and most obviously, we have a lot more choice now. Why settle for a dodgy online bingo room when there are so many amazing ones out there these days? 

Secondly, there is a lot more competition between developers in 2020, which means that the quality of the games have to be improved in order to be played. Perfect for us, right!? 

The only issue with this abundance of choice is that there is almost too much choice. Fear not though, we are here to shed some light on the top bingo rooms to join online right now. 

Mega Ball 

Many are saying that Evolution Gaming are the best in the business when it comes to the creation of live casino games, and their work with bingo has been absolutely second to none. It’s hard to choose for definite exactly which bingo game that Evolution Gaming is the best, but we think that a very strong contender is Mega Ball. 

Mega Ball ticks all of the live bingo boxes, really. With friendly live dealers, inviting and welcoming graphics, the gameplay experience is engaging and warming. Evolution Gaming have extended the social aspect of online bingo by adding a live chat function into Mega Ball, which means that you can connect with other players as you go. 

Slingo Centurion: Maximum Winnus 

Imagine… one of the best slot games of all time (Centurion) combined with bingo using the game mechanics of the best ever cross-over between slots and bingo (Slingo)… that’s where Slingo Centurion comes in. 

If you have never played a Slingo game before, this sure as heck is a good place to start. Take some time to brush up on the rules before you jump in the deep end, but we can pretty much guarantee a fun time with this one once you have figured out exactly what to do. 

Fluffy Favourites Bingo 

EyeCon Gaming’s Fluffy saga is one of the most famous slot game franchises in the world, and thanks to them, there is now a bingo game added to it! Fluffy Favourites Bingo has all of the whacky graphics of the original Fluffy Favourites slot game, except it’s in a bingo domain. What more could you want, bingo fans?

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