Top 10 Web Hosting Companies – Golden List

It is very hard these days to decide which are the most popular top 10 web hosting companies and the highest rated hosting providers. That is due to a lot of reasons like the constant dynamic change in the web as a whole and the initiating of new hosting companies each and every day.

In order to distinguish the top 10 web hosting companies, there are some criteria to be considered

o Monthly fees: how does it cost per month to join the μ›Ήν•˜λ“œ web hosting provider. Sometimes it is the cheaper the better, but some other criteria must be taken in consideration to determine that the provider offers good quality with the cheap fees.

o Bandwidth and disk space: usually they are unlimited, but sometimes service providers set limits, this does not necessarily mean that they are poor hosting services.

o Pop email: a secondary and complementary service that is very important in creating a website, as there are unlimited numbers of emails has to be sent to and received from any web site on a daily basis.


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