Mexico Insurance – How Does US Insurance Differ From Mexico Insurance?

Each year more than 20 million tourists visit Mexico with and without Mexico Insurance. Just to give you a close estimate in 2008 alone, out of the 22.6 million tourists in Mexico, 17.6 million were American tourists. That is roughly about 75% percent, and a pretty high percentage of those American tourists enter the Aztec nation by car, motorcycle, in a trailer home, RV or other forms of automobiles which will require insurance. Now, that is a fact most people ignore. Not because they want to, but because perhaps they are unaware that US auto insurance is NOT valid in Mexico. And, in order to operate a car with a US or Canadian License plate in Mexico, beyond the border you need to acquire Mexico insurance for the vehicle you will be driving in. This includes rental cars that you rented in the United States or Canada. You just can not travel about Mexico without first buying insurance for Mexico.

Now, you can definitely get the insurance in Mexico on the US/Mexico border, but you are probably better off, getting to Mexico prepared. You can buy your insurance for Mexico online and ahead of time. By getting your Mexico insurance online you can prepare yourself and know that you are taking your family on a safe and fun vacation.

Why is your US or Canadian insurance NOT valid in Mexico?

Mexican laws differ from their northern neighbors. Hence, their laws command that only Insurance companies licensed in Mexico under Mexican specifications are the only ones authorized to provide any sort of insurance, car insurance among those. Therefore, if your car insurance provider is NOT licensed in Mexico, then the protection stipulated in your US insurance policy is reduced to zero in Mexico. Mexico Laws does not mandate that cars within their borders have Mexican insurance, but it is highly recommended. Not doing so can create serious problems for you, especially if you do end up in some sort of predicament.


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