Woman Jumps into Lover’s Funeral Pyre

‘He died of a snake bite,’ some said while others privately believed that he had consumed poison. There were few people around when the body was mounted atop a bed of logs that was soon engulfed in flames, the last rites of purification for a departed soul. Savita stood watching from a distance, her eyes swollen and red as the fire that was consuming the corpse.

Savita, still young at 25, was a mother of two little kids. She lived in a small village in Bihar while her husband worked in far away Delhi. Lonely and depressed, she found happiness in the arms of her neighbour, Subhash Yadav, a young man five years her junior. Their hearts soared and, together, they experienced 새티스파이어 the joy of living, of being. But, in a small village made smaller by prying eyes and jealous inhabitants, their love soon became a subject of gossip.

The village folk, unwilling to see a couple couple without social or legal sanction took a serious view of the happenings in their village. They made what was not their business theirs. At first they warned Subhash Yadav to break off his liaison with Savita. Then they began to taunt and ridicule him. Seeing that their words had no impact on him they threatened him. ‘That woman that you love and sleep with – you know, that Savita woman. We will make her the village bride. Why must we not taste the meat you do? Once she has been with all of us, she will learn how to love you better…’

A few days later, someone found Subhash’s body lying in a field.

Savita’s mind was a tangle as she watched his body charring before her very eyes.


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