Why Do People Wear Perfume?   

Why Do People Wear Perfume?



Perfume comes from the Latin phrase “per” meaning “through” and “fumus” meaning “smoke”. The French later gave the name make my scent singapore  to the pleasant smells that drift through the air from burning incense. Incense was the first form of perfume. Perfume has been a part of our culture for centuries. People have used oils, resins, flowers, animal scents and herb extracts to perfume their bodies and hair throughout history. People wear perfume for many different reasons.

Historically, perfume can be traced to the early Egyptians. It is believed that they used incense and perfume in religious ceremonies because the scents were pleasing to the Gods. They believed it would earn them a better place in the next world. They often soaked fragrant woods and resins in water and oil and rubbed their bodies with the liquid. These liquids were also used to embalm the dead. Egyptians carriedperfume with them from birth until after their death. Urns encrusted with gold, jars of delicate pottery, and chalcedonies filled with aromatics were placed in their tombs. Some of the fragrances were so potent that 3,300 years after Tutankhamen’s death, a trace of fragrance in the tightly sealed pots of unguents could be detected when the tomb was opened.

Today there are many different reasons people wear perfume and cologne. I conducted a small survey and asked the question “Why do you wear perfume or cologne?” Here are some of the responses I received.

Denise says -I have been wearing  some time now. The reason I wear it is because it makes me feel good about myself and I always get compliments. People often ask me what kind of perfume are you wearing? It smells good on you.

Xochilt says- I wear perfume for the boys. I like the attention and the compliments I sometimes get.

Kara says-I wear perfume so I can smell nice and if someone smells my scent of perfume somewhere else, they will think of me. I sweat a lot so it makes me feel better knowing that I don’t smell like sweat, I smell like perfume. Also my mother buys me new perfume every Christmas.

Rose says- I wear perfume so that I smell pretty. Also, my boyfriend buys it for me on my birthday and for Christmas.

Brandi says- I wear a limited amount of perfume. Although I love many different fragrances, unfortunately I am very sensitive to many of them. I have learned over the years that the more potent the fragrance will 1-give me an immediate headache, 2-cause me to sneeze or 3-smell like I dipped myself in flowers. In my opinion, perfume and its meaning or “use” is a misconception. Take a bath, use fragrant soap, deodorant and put a frizz free conditioner in your hair. On your way out spray a few squirts fragrance. My preference is Japanese cherry blossom bath and body. My conclusion is we can all use a little fragrance… perfume or cologne spray, which one is yours?



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