Understanding the JAMMA PCB and Edge Connector Pinout

To begin with, here is a little history behind the importance of the abbreviation, JAMMA.

Back in obscurity periods of the Golden Era of arcade computer games (1984 and prior), game producers worked in selective little spaces where they planned game segments such that best served their own advantages.

Subsequently, they each had their own restrictive circuit sheets, power supplies, and wiring bridles. There was basically no compatibility of segments between one producer’s down bureau and a game bureau made by another person.

Because of the Japanese, around 1985, the entirety of that selectiveness was adequately let go. The Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association (JAMMA) made some industry norms, especially for the plan of game printed circuit sheets (PCBs). Also, things always showed signs of change.

The most significant and persuasive of these new principles was the pcb manufacturer standard pinout. Any game PCB consenting to that pinout standard is the thing that we presently call a JAMMA board. You can see the JAMMA logo stepped near the pinout part of a JAMMA board. Practically all JAMMA sheets sport that logo.

The wiring that interfaces the game’s parts – screen, power supply, control board, speaker, and so forth – to the PCB is known as a JAMMA wiring tackle. The wiring saddle 56-pin edge connector seats onto the PCB’s pinout fingers.

There are numerous JAMMA expressions that we have come to hear and utilize much of the time – JAMMA load up, JAMMA outfit, JAMMA edge connector, JAMMA bureau, etc. At the base of their importance is simply the idea of PCB compatibility between cupboards of various producers.

Also, it is the JAMMA standard PCB pinout (diagrammed beneath) that has made it all conceivable.

The accompanying JAMMA pinout diagram is fundamentally a guide of the JAMMA wiring bridle 56-pin edge connector. When appropriately situated onto the PCB, the connectors of the edge connector will line up with the pinout fingers of the PCB, and your game will play.

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