Debunking the Myths to Get the Best Value

Getting the Best Custom Suits Online – Debunking the Myths to Get the Best Value


If you are a tailored clothing aficionado then at some point you have done a search on line for custom suit tailors and one thing is for sure there are a lot of companies out there and they are all claiming to be the best. There has been a big shift in the way custom suits are marketed and sold, like everything else the Internet has turned the custom suiting market upside down and put it on its head.

Time was when you wanted a custom suit you headed to the local tailor. Once in the confines of his shop he would take your  ร้านตัดสูท measurements, pick out a piece of fabric from his wall and on his own, cut you a custom made suit. This would some times take weeks if not months. The end result was a personalized fabric that was unique to you made by one artisan. Things are much different now.

Today’s custom suit makers operate at a much larger scale. What was once built by one artisan is more likely assembled in a factory by a group of tailors. What was once a limited and pricey item has now become readily available. The question inevitably comes- how do you know if the custom suit maker you are ordering from is really worth the investment? Here are some common myths to help clear through all the clutter.

Myth 1- All custom suits are made to fit you

This is simply not the case. There are plenty of custom suit makers that claim to be custom suits when in reality they are made to measure.

What is the difference– Made to measure means that they will start from a set pattern and modify it to fit you. Custom suits are made from scratch.

Why does it matter- Made to measure suits have their limitations as the end suit is dictated by the pattern it starts from. In other words if you like a certain cut or fit that is drastically different from the starting pattern, a made to measure custom suit will never be able to create the look you are paying for.

How you can tell them apart-The best thing to do when you are shopping for a tailor online is to be specific in what you are looking for and ask A LOT of questions. The biggest tell tale sign is that the custom suit maker you are dealing with is really made to measure- They offer very limited and generic custom cut options. i.e. British cut, Italian cut or American cut or Slim fit, Regular fit, Comfort fit. A true custom tailor will either specialize in one cut (try ordering an Milanese cut suit from a Savile Row tailor) or will be able to understand the design cues from different design movements. (Milanese, Neapolitan, and Roman cut s are all Italian yet drastically different)

Myth 2- All custom suits are made the same-

This one can be tricky. If you compare any two websites for ou will see that they both offer the same things, yet one is much more expensive. Its easy to assume that since both are seemingly made with the same process and “standard features” that it would be a great idea to go with the cheaper maker.

What is the difference– Short cuts. Plenty of companies online seem cheaper than their brick and mortar counter parts but what it comes down to is that some take large short cuts in their construction process.

Why does it matter- Even the lesser price tailors online are not cheap. A well made suit will hold it shape better and last longer than one that has “short cuts” built in to it. Bottom line is integrity. if there are short cuts it should be said up front.

How you can tell them apart- The little details. a suit with short cuts will skip the little visible details. Look for reinforcement on the pockets. Pleating inside the waist band. curved welt pockets. There are literally too many to list but if you keep a keen eye a short cutted suit is easy to spot. Before you buy ask to see a ready mad sample and examine thoroughly.


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